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Viagra: A Revolutionary Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction is a pressing concern in males. A lot of men have encountered the issue of ED. However, it’s not that complex, and serious of an issue. It’s not to be ignored either. There can be various reasons for the condition, but most of the time it occurs due to the natural process of aging. In addition to that, it can happen due to other reasons such as anxiety, stress, or any medical condition. So, in that case, it will be best to consult a doctor. Viagra is a medically approved treatment that can help the blood flow required to sustain an erection. It has been approved to be used by males who are either 18 or above. erectile dysfunction

What is Viagra?

Simply put, Viagra is a medication that helps the penis to sustain an erection. It allows the veins to pump in more blood, and hence allows the blood to reach the sex organ. In ED, it will help to loosen the blood vessels, and more blood will reach your organ.

Does it make you last longer?

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain an erection, or can’t erect whenever you want to, then you will need to consult the doctor. However, in most cases, the issue is minor. Viagra can help you with an erection, and blood flow. It will help you in maintaining the erection, but that doesn’t mean that you will last longer if you don’t want to.

Viagra in Erectile Dysfunction?

Your penis needs blood to stay erect or develop an erection. When the required blood doesn’t reach the organ, it will not sustain the erection. It will have drastic effects on your physical, emotional, romantic as well as psychological health. There have been various reports that suggest the success of the medication. Nearly 60% of the males had a normal erection when they took Viagra. As mentioned earlier, ED can also happen due to psychological reasons. So, viagra with medical attention and counselling will surely help.


If you’re taking Viagra for the first time, then it’s obvious to be hesitant as well as confused. However, there’s no need for that. For a beginner, the adequate dosage will be 50mg. It’s equally important to mention that you must take the tablet one hour before sex.

How much is enough?

This depends and varies from person to person. However, the doctors will recommend you to take the 25mg minimum. In addition to that, 50mg is considered to be the average. You may be required to take a high dose of 100mg if there arises a need.

What if it doesn’t help with ED?

Erectile Dysfunction has a lot of reasons. There is physical as well as psychological. However, if you feel that the medication isn’t working, then the best will be to consult the doctor. You may be required to carry on the medication in addition to the counselling and therapy sessions.

Can you take two pills at once?

This can happen in some cases. For instance, if your prescription allows you to take 50mg, then you can split them into 25mg, and take two pills at once. In this case, doctors’ advice and suggestion is the best thing that you must do.pills


Viagra can help in erectile dysfunction. However, you will also have to get an evaluation from a doctor who will also try to identify other underlying causes. Medication and ED treatment will be beneficial.

3 Best Door Locks for Apartments and Renters

Best Door Locks

Burglary is a common issue across the globe, and every homeowner wants to ensure the best security system for their possessions and assets. Residential properties are being robbed more than businesses, according to the reports and statistics. Forcible entries can result in the destruction of the house, leading to massive losses. You know what follows such cases of burglary. Everyone needs to be careful about what they do with the door locks and security system at their homes. When you check for the best product in the market, you will consider cost and quality as the most important factors.

This is where you do the right thing, but you compromise on the quality when you go for the inexpensive services. Make sure to opt for the best superior products so that you don’t end up losing a lot. If you are staying in an apartment, the last thing you want to do is upset the landlord. Looking for door locks that can be easily installed and removed will help you get completed with the first stage of the process. Here is a list of door locks that have been compiled by checking through all the aforementioned aspects.

1.      Defender Security Lock

This is a discreet and small door blocker that works effectively to keep your house safe. Defender works to withstand up to 800 lbs when it is in a locked position in the slot. You only need to slide it up and swing it out to unlock the door. It cannot be tampered with as it doesn’t allow the door to be opened through even the smallest crack. Since it also has no keyholes and swing latch or chain, the door house will keep your house secure. No other option has such an affordable price of less than $10. Chiseling some of the frames might be necessary when you want to install it; so, choosing it for apartment doors that fit snugly in the frame wouldn’t be ideal. Some users have also raised some disputes saying the lock lost its functionality after locking and unlocking the doors frequently for more than a year. However, the overall best option is Defender Security Lock.

Defender Security Lock

2.      Addalock Portable Door Lock

It is the easiest lock to be installed since it requires no drilling or change of hardware. But, make sure there is enough room for the strike plate on the door frame and the edge to work independently. The portable design, low price, and easy installation make it an excellent option for your doors, but it may not fit all frames.

August Smart Lock

3.      August Smart Lock

If you wish to install a keyless lock on your door, this is the most affordable option. Doors with a single-cylinder deadbolt need to be upgraded only through a few steps to replace the standard battery-operated device. You can lock and unlock using the Bluetooth connection with your phone. Although it is reliable, you might have to spend some money maintaining it with good batteries and better deadbolts.

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